Prime Neurosurgery Team

Frieda - Practice Secretary

Helen - Practice Secretary

Prime Neurosurgery Team Ethos

Dr Gharhreman understands the importance of having a multi-disciplinary team involved in the care of his patients. To ensure the best possible outcomes, he works closely with an experienced ward and theatre team as well as medical and radiation oncologists, neurologists, neurosurgery nurses and allied health professionals to map out the best individual treatment plan for each of his patients.

Alliance Anaesthetics

Dr Ghahreman works with expert anaesthetists, Dr Mark Higney (shown in the picture above) and Dr U Kandala, who both have subspecialist expertise in the field of neuroanaesthetics, and postoperative pain management. 

Dr Ghahreman is assisted by a team of advanced trainees in neurosurgery assigned from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and is intimately involved in the training of future neurosurgeons. He also has international fellows, currently Dr Jose Castillo Vargas, orthopaedic surgeon from Costa Rica.